Plastic Welding – Allmould Plastics

At Allmould Plastics we offer several methods of plastic welding including: Ultrasonics, Vibration, Spin, Hot Plate, Laser / Infrared, Radio Frequency, and Implant are the most common. These plastic welding processes are primarily differentiated by their heating methods.

Plastic Welding is the process of creating a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics. Plastic Welding offers superior strength, and often drastically reduces mechanical joining (snap fits, screws) and chemical bonding (adhesives).

The Three Stages for Plastic Welding

Pressing Stage – The application of pressure, which is often used throughout both the heating and cooling stages, is used to keep the parts in the proper orientation and to improve melt flow across the interface

Heating Stage – The purpose of the heating stage is to allow intermolecular diffusion from one part to the other across the faying surface (melt mixing).

Cooling Stage – Cooling is necessary to solidify the newly formed bond; the execution of this stage can have a significant effect on weld strength.

Allmould Plastics have a vast range of quality plastic materials suitable for a wide range of industries and applications including Mining, Industrial and Construction. Specialised requests are welcome and we provide plastic maintenance repairs, fabrication and welding for our clients throughout Australia.


Poly pipeline Junction Welding

Above we see the accuracy and durability of plastic welding on Polypipe junctions.


Customized Plastic Welding

Plastic Welding rod is inserted through the handpiece and welded to the two sheets of plastic material forming a strong bond.