Caps / Closures /Packaging Information

Caps / Closures /Packaging Information

Here at Allmould Plastics we provide high end closures and packaging solutions to a various range of markets including food, dry goods, telecommunications, chemicals, beverages etc.

With a prestigious fleet of production machines and a new state of the art manufacturing facilities we will be excited to develop the packaging option your product needs.


Injection Moulding for the Construction Industry

Allmould Plastics is heavily involved in the development of plastic construction parts within the Construction Industry. With innovation being our key priority we have been involved in many product developments in the past including mechanical fastening, gas, electricity, plumbing, construction framing and windows componentry etc . We offer professional design services, prototypes and in-house manufacturing of highest quality with machines including CNC milling, EDM’s, spark eroding, IMM etc.

Allmould Baby Products

Injection Moulding for Baby Care Products

Allmould Plastics offer a first class manufacturing facility to produce baby products to maintain and strengthen the health and safety of Children. We have been in this industry for 20 years designing and manufacturing baby care products for our clientele.

Products and areas we have grown in and developed are as follows: Feeding, Pacifiers, Toilet training, Stair Safety, Bathing, Child restraints and carseat componentry.

patient-oxygen - health

Injection Moulding for the Healthcare Industry

Allmould Plastics is extremely passionate in relation to Medical component development, not only for the human side of this industry but also Veterinary. We have been included in some of Australia’s most innovative medical device programs such as the AusGov Defence Unit, First Aid, Orthopaedics etc. If you are looking to partner with a well-grounded, authentic company that insists on quality and precision in the medical industry please give our friendly team a call.