What is recycling? And how does it play into the plastic injection molding process? Recycling entails collecting, processing, and reusing materials that would have been considered waste and thrown out.

Recycling reduces manufacturers’ need to deplete the earth’s resources for raw materials. You can simply reuse the ones made from precious raw materials. This way, there is no waste, no cost to procure raw materials, and no delay in time for the whole process.

The plastic injection process of making plastic will greatly benefit from recycling because it normally costs a lot, takes up a lot of time, and produces harmful gas emissions. With recycling, you can almost guarantee an efficient, green, and clean manufacturing process. And because you recycle, you can also shave off expenses for purchasing raw materials and save a lot of energy and time.

Below, we shall discuss the key benefits of using recycled plastics in the plastic injection molding process and how committed to a greener, cleaner earth Allmould Plastics Group is.



Reduction In Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Recycling is very beneficial, but most importantly, it does wonders for the environment. The manufacturing process for injection molding can often lead to a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, much of which are harmful to the ozone layer.

Greenhouse gases attack the ozone layer, depleting it by converting the ozone to oxygen. This attack results in less shielding against UV rays from the sun, global warming, and sometimes skin cancer.

Recycling will help reduce these emissions by cutting the manufacturing process from two to one instead —one to process the raw materials and another to make the final products.

With one less manufacturing step, there will be a guaranteed drop in the number of greenhouse gasses that the process will emit over time. As long as recycled products are used, the ozone layer can take a much-needed breather to heal and replicate again.


Reduction In Waste And Pollution (Water And Air)

The manufacturing process has a lot of segments or parts, all of which are essential for the final product to come out perfect. These segments also include the part where the factory has to collect the waste from it all, as the “real” final stage.

Some factories will end up incurring waste or leaking it into nearby water bodies. This practice of unsafe waste disposal is very harmful to the environment and the people living in the vicinity. There’s already enough air pollution from the manufacturing process itself, combined now with the emission from the incineration, which is a dire situation for all affected.

Recycling in the manufacturing process helps reduce this because the “waste” is reused repeatedly, creating a loop of use and reuse. This way, nothing is leaked into water bodies or seeped into the air to cause irreparable damage.


Reduction In Cost Of Manufacturing 

Plastic injection is a rather expensive venture, as with all manufacturing processes. It is very expensive to purchase all the necessary raw materials for the injection molding manufacturing process, run the machines, package, and even keep the factory running.

When recycling is a part of the process, there will be a lot of reduction in financial costs. For example, the procurement of raw materials and their refinement all cost money, but if you recycle, that immediately eliminates those stages and the costs. This makes the cost of production much cheaper for the brand and the cost of purchase for consumers.

Recycling is cheaper and will speed up production, saving you time and money.


Reduction In The Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is a huge part of the plastic injection process, as in the majority of the manufacturing process. Whatever operation takes place in the plant will consume power or energy.

It is not wise for businesses to consume too much energy in the long run, and most companies seek more sustainable energy alternatives. Recycling is one such alternative.

Recycling solves the issue of excess energy consumption by reducing the amount of material that has to be processed before the final product is made first. Since recycled plastics are already refined, it has become a much quicker process. The process is shorter, and the energy expended will also reduce drastically—a win-win situation.


Being A Part of Furthering Sustainability

A brand that puts recycling at its forefront of their injection molding will always appeal to consumers more. Sustainability is the reasoning behind recycling, and you promote a cleaner, greener earth when you recycle.

Not only will you reduce half your harmful gas emissions, energy expenditure, financial burden, and time lags, but you also stand for something much bigger than yourself. Consumers want to do business with a progressive brand in thought and action.

And the way forward is to take a step back from hurting the earth and do more intentional actions toward helping it heal and grow. This healthy brand identity is needed and sorely lacking in the world today. Allmould Plastics Group is a leading brand in sustainability and healing the earth through recycling and waste reduction.



Today’s world suffers greatly from many missteps as we search for technological advancements; waste disposal is one of these missteps. Recycling is a game changer across the board, capable of saving the earth and saving businesses a lot of money.

Recycling can do a lot of good, from first reducing greenhouse emissions and helping the ozone layer heal to even going as far as helping to reduce the cost of production and energy. Pollution is a plague born from technological advancement; recycling can drastically reduce the waste that would usually pollute the water bodies and even the air.

Not many brands care for the environment, but we do; if you want plastic products made from sustainable methods, give us a call today!