How Plastic Moulding Accelerates Medical and Veterinary Product Development


Customization and Prototyping: How Plastic Moulding Accelerates Medical and Veterinary Product Development In the fast-paced worlds of healthcare and veterinary medicine, innovation is key to improving patient care and animal health. One critical aspect of this innovation is the rapid prototyping of medical and veterinary products, and plastic moulding plays a pivotal role in expediting [...]

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Cost Savings through Plastic Molding


Cost Savings through Plastic Molding: A Cost-Effective Manufacturing Solution In today's competitive business landscape, cost efficiency is paramount. Manufacturers across various industries are constantly seeking innovative ways to cut costs without compromising on product quality. One such cost-effective manufacturing solution that has gained prominence is plastic moulding. In this article, we will delve into how [...]

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Recycled Plastics – What Plastics Can Be Recycled


Recycling has come a long way in Australia and it is great to see that the number of different materials able to be recycled increasing. It can be confusing to know what can and can not be recycled, especially when it comes to plastics. With so many different types of plastics on the market, trying [...]

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Plastic Injection Moulding For Building Materials


The building and construction industry is one that continues to grow and increase every day. With new builds starting, renovations needed and ongoing maintenance, there is always a need for building supplies. In recent months there have been shortages on a number of different building materials. This has made it difficult for construction to continue. [...]

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Injection Moulding: How To Deal With Defects


When you need to produce high volumes of plastic products or parts of products, injection moulding is a very efficient and effective method. It is naturally a machine-precise procedure that churns perfect copies of the desired plastic products every time. Well, not every single time; there can be some flaws or defects that may occur [...]

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Why Plastic Packaging is Best


Manufacturing entails a plethora of stages, each stage playing a vital and indispensable role in the entire process. It can be rigorous, time and money-consuming, and often brings little return. This could be due to package or content damage along the way to supply to vendors or end users. The solution is thus better [...]

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PLASTIC: The Holy Grail of Building Materials


The Plastic wave has swept through several industries as experts continually find more innovative, improved, and sustainable ways to get things done. In general, the healthcare, food, textile, building & construction industries were this evolution's leaders in using plastic materials.   The construction industry has caught the plastic bug and is not recovering anytime soon! [...]

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Expansion Plans


Allmould Plastics is about to expand their manufacturing facility to accommodate for the increasing demand from our current and potential clients. By building this state of the art, custom built facility we will be able to fulfil our supply promises and deliver sound quality parts to our customers in the many industries including construction, medical, [...]

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Allmould Plastics attends Chinaplas in Shanghai


Again Allmould Plastics has sent team members to the greatest plastic exhibition in the world,  Chinaplas in Shanghai on April 25-28. At Allmould Plastics we see the importance of keeping “up to speed” in an ever changing culture of plastics and machinery. This show exhibits the future of plastics in innovation and design of polymers, [...]

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